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WEBINAR REPLAY - Avoiding the Sharks: How to Get Seed Capital for Your Startup Through Equity CrowdFunding

Avoiding the Sharks webinar

Is your startup ready for seed capital but you're not sure where to start? Do you want to avoid the venture sharks?

In this one-hour webinar you will learn:

>>What different types of investors expect when you request capital so you know how to prepare your pitch for each one

>>Different crowdfunding platforms available and which ones are right for your business

>>What is equity crowdfunding and tips to use it to jumpstart your capital raise

>>Demystifying SEC regulations and which ones can help you raise seed funds right away

DAY: Wednesday, March 20th 2019
TIME:  11AM Eastern

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Host: Paul Wright, MBA

Paul is a consultant, trainer and coach to pioneering leaders and mission organizations. Wright offers a 20-year career in community economic development financing where he deployed over $20 million of both private and public funds into high impact/risks projects. He is co-owner of Wright Venture Services, a consulting company serving entrepreneurs, foundations and community economic development organizations with their marketing, strategy and programs. His specialty is in building entrepreneurial ecosystems and mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Guest Speaker: Alan Grosheider

Alan has been a Louisville-area entrepreneur since starting his first business in 1993. He has built several companies from the ground up, raising capital in just about any way you can imagine, including loans, credit cards, friends and family, private placements, crowdfunding, and venture capital. His largest venture to date raised significant VC funds, became a nationwide environmental inspection company with operations in all fifty states, and eventually sold to a larger firm. Currently, Mr. Grosheider is building a company called Blue222, which is "Uberizing" the business of real estate inspections on a global scale. He also runs a non-profit organization called Metro Startup Launcher, which is working to make it much easier for startups in the Louisville area to raise capital with equity crowdfunding and access several very large equity funds.

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